Black Thorn USvUK Update
8 Dec 01 WhiteKnight77

On Thursday Dec. 6 I recieved an email from NurFace regarding my findings of the differences between the US and UK versions of BT. He wrote Ubi Soft Inc. asking about the Bus Station that the US version has. After speaking with him via ICQ he confirmed what he told me in the email he sent. On that note I too sent an email to Ubi Soft Inc. just to confirm everything. I recieved confirmation in one day from the very same individual that sent NurFace the reply to his email. As you may remember from my previous report dated 18 Nov. I speculated on the missing map folder. I have found out exactly what they deleted from BOTH the US and UK versions of the game. The following are the emails that were recieved by both NurFace and myself including what I sent to Ubi Soft.

Recieved by NurFace: I asked ubi soft question about bus station. Response (BRENT) We are not sure what the reasons were for the release of the airport level in Europe. In the US it was felt that it would be in poor taste to release any plane related missions in the wake of 9-11. Since the Euopean arm of Ubi Soft operates independantly of the US arm they felt that the airport mission was ok to leave in. That was their decision and it was made independantly of the US branch. This is not an attempt to increase sales of the UK version since people that want to play the UK map can download it from a friend and vice versa.

Recieved by myself: Response (BRENT) - 12/07/2001 06:26 PM Any downloading of maps is up to the user. If you have a friend in the UK that has the map and you want to get it, we have no problem with you downloading it. However if the map gives the game any troubles (which I doubt it would) there is not much we can do to help because it basically becomes a mod map on the US version. As for the BT01 mission, it was a plane hijacking. Considering the events on 9-11, it was felt that leaving that mission in the game would be in poor taste. Granted you are taking the terrorists out before anything bad happens, the scenario just hit too close to home. As a result that mission was removed on a worldwide basis.

What I sent: Customer (Mike Shannon) - 12/07/2001 12:11 AM Hi, I'm writing in response to an e-mail I received today from a fellow member at Aggression . He wrote asking about why Ubi Soft UK didn't change Mission 7 after I wrote a report detailing the differences in the US vs. UK versions of Black Thorn (the report I wrote can be read here at BT:USvUK . Marvin Williams AKA NurFace sent me the reply from Brent in tech support that it is ok to download the files from a friend who has the UK version. I am looking for confirmation of this information. To my understanding Ubi Soft has an office in the UK that operates independently of the US office and as such made the decision to leave the UK version as is without renaming and remaking the files from an airport to a bus station.As an American I was in total shock of what happened on Sept. 11, and was dismayed at the decision Ubi Soft US made to redo the US version of Black Thorn. The whole idea behind the game is to fight terrorism. While searching the files for my report I also noticed that in the map folder the map folders start at Bt02. What happened to Bt01? It too is missing from the UK version. Was that a skyscraper mission? There was a skyscraper mission in Rainbow-Six called M-12 Operation : Deep Magic and it was repeated in the Urban Ops mission pack. As I play all of the Rogue Spear titles with fellow gamers from around the world the modified version of Black Thorn handicaps everyone when it comes to playing that particular map. Any insight you can provide to both of my questions would be greatly appreciated.

The missing mission WAS an airplane hijacking as comfirmed by Brent at Ubi Soft Inc. and it is missing from all versions of BT.

Ubi Soft has given us the green light to share the map files for the Airport Terminal with all of the appropriate images to allow all RS gamers to have what was changed.

The files that are needed is the Bt08 map folder from the Black Thorn\map folder. When you can get the files from someone in the UK or has the folder already do this: SAVE the original folder somewhere safe. I made a new folder labled BT Bus Termainal and put the Bt08 foler from the US version in it, the best thing to do is cut and paste it to the new folder. I also made a new folder labled BT Airport to keep a copy of the airport files there. Paste the Bt08 folder that you have gotten from a friend with the airport files into the map folder. Once that is done everyone can play without worrying about UK or US friends crashing out of your games. NOTE: The text files will still read Bus Terminal, but will not affect how the map plays or looks.

Thanks to Nurface, Donald, Ant and of course Brent at Ubi Soft Inc. for helping me figure out why and what needed to be done.

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