Black Thorn Differences
18 Nov 01 WhiteKnight77

After I had hosted a Black Thorn IP game the Friday night after BT first came out I had 2 gamers from the UK crash out from my game. I have the US version and wondered why that was. I found out with the help of several friends. Thanks Donald for lettin me see the pics you posted to the newsgroup. The map in question has to do with mission 7. For the US version we have what is called the Bus Station. To me it looks just like an airport terminal even though there are buses in the US version. The UK version Black Thorn is called Airport Terminal and instead of buses in the window there is a 747 parked on the flightline with a jetway extended out to it. The overhead banners in the US version says South Africa Bus Terminal while the UK version has South Africa Airport on it along with Africa Airlines on the opposite side.

When you go to the ticket counter you see banners for bus lines if you have the US game and if you have a UK game you will see banners for airlines on the wall behind the ticket counter. The text files for both versions are even different as they would say Airport or Bus Terminal depending on which game you have. The really weird thing is that most of the map files for both games are the same with minor differences for the above. I do not know if Ubi Soft wanted us to go on the plane or not ( from some of the test files I have read that is what we are (were) supposed to do.)

I realize that Ubi Soft made changes to the game and they altered the mission to not offend anyone after the terrorist attacks on the WTC in NYC and the Pentagon on 9-11-01. My question is why didn't they change both the US AND UK versions of the game? Do they NOT know that we gamers aren't stupid? Also what happened to map folder Bt01? If you look in the map folder you will see that it is missing! What was it? Was it a skyscraper mission as in Rainbow Six?

Screenshots from the mission from both versions can be seen here. If you US gamers want the airplane buy the UK version of the game, or just play with it as a Bus terminal. If you have friends with the UK version or vice versa and y'all are playing together REMEMBER that you CANNOT play that map together or someone will not join or just crash out of the game. Ubi Soft did a big disservice to the gamers who love the R6 series of games.

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