Black Thorn: Missing Mission
16 Dec 01 WhiteKnight77

I have found a briefing file from the first mission that was deleted by Ubi Soft. It's from Kevin Sweeny describing what has happened:

"We don’t know anything about this group apart from the fact that they seem to be very well organized and that they think big when it comes to ransom demands. They want, among other things, $20 million wired to an account in the Caymans, as well as enough fuel to allow them to fly anywhere in Europe or North Africa. Based upon the speed of their operation, this is a team of professionals. We just don’t have any idea whom they’re working for, or what they want besides the money and the jet fuel."

"This is not the first time we’ve seen a situation like this in France. A very similar incident took place in Marseilles back in 94, when a French airliner was hijacked. Hopefully, the parallels are just a coincidence."

There is also a reference to the first mission in the r6 string table file refering to the plane as being blown up.

I have posted the briefing pics from the plane hijacking here.

I hope this is the last I have written about Black Thorn, but one never knows.

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