Black Thorn Demo
21 Oct 01 WhiteKnight77

Ubi Soft has released a demo of Black Thorn. As a new map its not bad when used as a mod. The textures are fair at best with some new ones added in. The sky has some really funky as it looks like they were trying to show the map at sunset. The map is set in the jungle of Nigeria. In the SP game you have to capture the leader of the terrorists and escort 2 hostages to a waiting helicopter for extraction. You also have to disarm the M2 Browning (so-so model of it) anti-aircraft weapon. The model of the CH-47 Chinook is pretty accurate save for the fact that they have both sets of rotor blades turning in the same direction (they should be counter-rotating rotorheads, I used to be a helicopter mechanic on the 47's smaller cousin: CH-46 Sea Knight that the U.S. Marine Coprs uses). The map is not really that big, but is does allow for some sniping.

You can use this map as a mod by copying the Black Thorn folder from the demo's mod folder to your regular RS mod folder. That will allow you to use BT as a mod for UO for MP games. Once it is in your mod folder just activate it like you would any other mod. The terrorist's seem to have a bit better intelligance and will seek you out in Terrorist Hunt mode. We did not try the Lone Wolf mode as its not a regular option for UO. Though with playing just the demo online you can. Something else Ubi Soft has done is have it's own server for the demo and it's an intallation option when installing Black Thorn. Maybe Ubi Soft is gonna have their own server for BT when it is finally released. In the weapons list you can actually see the caliber of the weapons so you can chose your weapons that way if you like to. If you want the demo you can download it here .

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