I enjoy flight sims such as iL2 Sturmovik and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Here you will find flights that I took with various aircraft in FS 2004 whether it be Boeing to McDonnell Douglas to Airbus. I try to fly actual airline flights as listed via airlines flight schedules. I leave from the proper gates at the proper terminal at the times listed to hopefully the proper gate at the destination airport though FS 2004 normally assigns user parking, not matter what airline to the gate closest to the landing runway. Hopefully that is rectified with Flight Simulator X. Aircraft flown are user created (mods) aircraft both freeware and payware. Some airports feature modded scenery while others are default scenery. I also fly with real weather activated that is updated via the internet. If there are winds of 100knots at flight level 380 (38,000 ft.), I will experience those very winds and depending on which way I am flying, it could be a headwind or tailwind. Liveries for airlines could be their normal every day livery or even special liveries depicting everything from state flags to Shamu the Killer Whale.

I plan my flights as any pilot would and if the aircraft has a flight management computer, I program it to use the autopilot if I so choose. I have airport diagrams that I have printed out directly from the FAA (they are online in PDF formats) along with ILS landing procedures (that I am still learning mind you). This make taxiing and landing at airports easier. I don't have to turn on the taxi aid that MS includes with FS. I prefer to taxi without a pink line showing me the way.

All screens can be used as wallpapers for personal use only.

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